Weird Stock Photography: From Bad to Worse These guys really hit the nail on the head. was started by two art directors who, like me, work with bad stock photography on a regular basis. Basically they take absurd stock images and point out the… um… obvious flaws. Here are a few my favourites: Family Sitting in Kitchen getty-critics-family-sitting-in-kitchen

Apparently in North Korea you have to give a radioactive urine sample before you drink smoothies. Because what idiot would pour glasses of lemon peel water when there are delicious smoothies about to be made? And why are they so far from those delicious smoothies? Is that a Bluetooth blender? Completely off topic, but, it’s really cruel to make fruit watch their fruit family and fruit friends get eviscerated right in front of them. Even more not cool is to point and laugh at them. Did that dude put cherry tomatoes in the blender? Is that why no one’s pressing the button? Maybe they should just stick to the radioactive lemon peel urine sample water.
Close up of family eating hotdogs getty-critics-close-up-of-family-eating-hotdogs
The guy and girl are pretty pumped about tandem eating that lettuce dog. But the little girl is more excited about eating your soul.
Family cleaning house getty-critics-family-cleaning-house
If you ever walked in on David Lynch’s family cleaning a house this is what it would look like. A vacuum that was used to suck up hair from a murder in 1973 operated by a guy styled by le chateau. Blair Witch time out in the corner. Ghost mom manning the body bag station, while Damien air punches the shelving.  Most importantly, what kind of party calls for only one piece of decoration? Saw 7: The Birthday
For more stock photography weirdness, have a look at 60 Completely Unusable Stock Photos and 23 Incredibly Weird Stock Photographs. It’s random, weird… and completely unusable.]]>

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