WordPress: a powerful CMS

WordPress Stats (Jan 2014) there are 74,959,942 WordPress websites in the world. That’s quite impressive. So why is it so popular? It’s an open-source framework… Which means that it’s free to download and use! And there are loads of free plugins available for any extra functionality you might need. On that note… There’s a plugin for (almost) everything. Need a contact form? An event calendar? A newsletter sign-up form? Spam protection? Chances are there’s a plugin for that! And if there’s not, the code can easily be customized to suit your needs by a developer. The framework is powered by MySQL and PHP. Yes! WordPress is highly customizable! Everything in the WordPress framework is customizable, from the look-and-feel to the functionality. Anyone with a bit of coding background can change the design of a WordPress website. If you’re a skilled PHP-developer, the possibilities are endless. WordPress is very user-friendly. It’s very easy to use the CMS. If you can use Microsoft Word, you can use WordPress. You can edit content, upload media, schedule posts, add events, galleries… the possibilities are endless! And it handles media very well. Videos, jQuery, Google Maps and images are just some of the media that can easily be inserted through the WordPress CMS. It’s easy to update. Wordpress releases a new version of the framework every few months. It can be updated with the click of a button. The same goes for plugin updates. Search Engine Optimization. Because it’s easy to make regular content updates on WordPress, it is very search engine friendly. Google frequently crawls WordPress websites, so it tends to rank well. So that’s WordPress in a nutshell! Feel free to contact me if you need help with your WordPress project.]]>

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