Video: A Powerful Marketing Tool

What can video be used for? More and more modern businesses are using videos to:

  1. demonstrate their products or services,
  2. introduce their team or staff (the real people behind the business)
  3. give instructions or “how-to” guides
  4. put a human face to a brand or
  5. offer an “insider’s look” into the business by showing footage of their offices or processes.
Viral Marketing Video is great for branding and product awareness as well. It has the power to go viral very quickly. “Going viral” is when something gets distributed on social media platforms, attracting attention and discussion. An excellent example of a video that went viral, is the ‘Take This Lollipop’ campaign, warning against the dangers of sharing personal information on Facebook. Their website has 15,156,102 likes. Was their campaign successful? You decide for yourself… And social media platforms for videos are no longer limited to Youtube.  Other popular platforms that have appeared on the scene recently include Google+ Hangouts, Twitter’s Vine and Facebook’s Instagram Video. Statistics Still not convinced? According to comScore Inc, a global digital market measurement service, the average internet user watches an astonishing 186 videos a month. Considering how many internet users there are, the power of this platform is mind-blowing. Improve your search engine rankings According to Ariane Fisher, co-founder of Storymix Media, Google owns YouTube and places higher value on inbound links from their own platform. So you can be certain that Google will index your video if you upload it to Youtube. Let video help you with your online marketing. As you can see, it has many benefits. Happy filming!]]>

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