About Me

Media 24 as a graphic designer for their Digital Books department. Three months in, I was head hunted by a company called Entelligence (now called ‘Social Code‘) where I worked as a web designer and developer for almost two years. I worked with an absolutely awesome team and really shaped up my HTML and CSS. We did a lot of Flash websites for large companies, so it was interesting to combine my coding with Flash applications.  I started to dabble in jQuery as well. In 2009 I started working for Mammoth Solutions. Here I met an absolute jQuery guru that taught me almost everything I know on the subject. I also started working with WordPress. I did a lot of in-house web development as well as the occasional client-job. Since the launch of my career, I’ve built up quite a few freelance clients, so in July 2013 I became a full-time freelancer. 2013 was also the year my husband and I bought our first house, became parents and adopted a puppy… crazy! I’m always up for a good laugh, a interesting book or a fun night out. You can’t be a computer-geek all the time! That’s me in a nutshell, I guess! So feel free to pop me a mail. Chat soon!]]>